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How It Works

Step 1

Request a VA

Start your journey by detailing your needs. Book a call with us, specify the skills and tasks you need, and let us find your ideal Virtual Assistant. A few clicks launch a personalized path toward enhanced productivity.

Step 2

Meet your VA

Evaluate candidates meeting your criteria. Interact, assess qualifications, and ensure alignment with your company culture. We help you make an informed decision about your new Virtual Assistant.

Step 3

Hire the VA

Finalize hiring effortlessly. We handle contracts and payments, ensuring a smooth transition. Transparent terms build trust. Now you’re ready for a collaborative, productive partnership with your chosen Virtual Assistant.

Step 4

Deploy your VA

Seamless integration begins. We assist with onboarding, ensuring familiarity with tools and processes. Continuous communication is key, allowing adjustments. Focus on your business while your skilled VA handles operations.

Our Prices

Member Registration Fee

Single Payment
$ 95
  • Full access to our VA services
  • Full access to our Client Area
  • Interview up to 3 different VAs

Monthly Membership

Charged Monthly
$ 45
  • Up to 3 replacement VAs
  • Automated weekly payments
  • VA monitoring and mentoring

Hourly VA Fee

Lowest Rate
$ 6
  • A fully trained Virtual Assistant
  • Most competitive rates
  • Guaranteed satisfaction

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